Poptober is here!!!

The Doublegood Poptober fundraiser is the major fall fundraiser for Newberry Math and Science Academy. Funds raised through popcorn sales will be used to purchase materials and supplies for the 2019-2020 school year. We are hopping to raise enough funds to purchase a new set of chromebooks for the school.

How it works:

During October, popcorn catalogues will be sent home to families, who sell popcorn throughout the month.

Students who sell $100 will recieve a ticket to the pizza luncheon. The top seller at the school will win a 6 glavor gift pack or a 3 flavor tin. Second and Third place winners will each get their choice of 1 bag of popcorn. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who sell at least $100 in popcorn can receive 25% back to be applied to field trips.

Popcorn moneys and order forms are due November 1, 2019. Students who turn their money and orders in by then will be able to pick up their orders on report card pick up day (Wednesday November 13, 2019).

For questions or concerns, please email: friendsofnewberryacademy@gmail.com

Published by Jessica Bishop-Royse

JBR is into scholarship, research, statistics, methods, and doing fun stuff outside of work.

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